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We are back with the second edition of Flight of Spice: An Homage to Hot Ones. This time we have the honor of sitting down with Kyle Shutt, guitarist from Austins very own: The Sword.

Tears Of Joy Hot Sauce Shop has curated an even HOTTER lineup this time, with Da Bomb Ground Zero(formerly the hottest) now being our second hottest sauce.


1) Humble House – Ancho & Morita Smoky Tamarind Sauce 150 SHU
2) Yellowbird Sauce – Blue Agave Sriracha 1500 SHU
3) Big Daddy Trevi’s – GoatWhore Blood For The Master Hot Sauce 3000 SHU
4) Haitian Heat – Sexy Sauce 6000 SHU
5) High River Sauces – Grapes Of Wrath Hot Sauce 10,000 SHU
6) Hot Line Pepper Products – Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce 40.000 SHU
7) Tears Of Joy – The Sword’s Tears Of Fire Hot Sauce 50,000 SHU
8) Heavenly Heat – Fear The Reaper 200,000 SHU
9) Da Bomb – Ground Zero 321,900 SHU
10) Mad Dog 357 – Silver Edition 750,000 SHU

Since the reception we had last time was so awesome, we have decided to increase the number of available tickets to 50. Follow the Eventbrite link above and grab one before they are gone!