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Fred Wickham & The Hadacol Caravan at 9p

LeRoi Brothers 10:15p
“This Austin, TX, rock & roll band was formed in 1981. One of the longest-lasting bands on the eclectic Austin scene, the original lineup consisted of drummer Mike Buck (founding member of The Fabulous Thunderbirds), guitarist Don Leady (later forming Tail Gators), guitarist Steve Doerr, and bassist Alex Napier. Over the years, various members have included Joe Doerr (Hand of Glory, Ballad Shambles and now Churchwood, AND back with the LeRois), Jackie Newhouse, Sarah Brown, Evan Johns, and Rick “Casper” Rawls. The core of the band has always centered around Buck’s solid drumming (probably the finest drummer Texas has to offer) and Steve Doerr’s rocking vocals and songwriting, while the band as a whole can capably take on anything from blues to rockabilly to cajun to country to the grungiest of garage rock & roll. Consistent winners of the Best Roots Rock Band award in the Austin Chronicle’s reader’s poll, the band has retained a loyal following both here and abroad.” –LeRoi Brothers