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ON TAP (pun intended) for Herron Entertainment, LLC is “The BREWERY COMEDY TOUR” and it’s picking up much steam as it heads into 2018 promising to hit 300 breweries all across the U.S.A.

These comics will be touring your state(s) and cities performing in breweries and bars sampling the local fare, local brew and making you laugh. Get tickets fast – these shows are all selling out.

If you’re looking for a half-Peruvian comedian from Wisconsin, look no further. Antonio Aguilar has been dazzling audiences from sea to shining sea. Antonio’s witty observational humor and smart joke-writing have been lauded by audiences, bookers and comedians alike. Antonio has been featured in comedy festivals such as the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival in Austin, Texas and the Cleveland Comedy Festival in, well, Cleveland. He is in the process of coming out with his debut album entitled “Cute, but how much does he weigh?” Look for it on iTunes, or in his backpack, but make sure you leave money in there. He has opened up for the likes of the Skylar Brothers and the cast of Super Troopers.

Born at a very young age, Mike has made some noteworthy progress since those early days. Growing up in Minnesota, he was born in St. Paul, eventually moving to the suburb of Woodbury in the third grade. Mike was a quiet kid in school depending on who you ask, but if you ask me, he was quiet. Given his introverted characteristics, when it came time to speak in front of the class, his natural gift to make people laugh came out. Although these engagements were few and far between, they were the initial experiences that prompted him into standup comedy.

At 26, he has been writing and performing comedy for over six years. With performance experiences panning a spectrum of clubs, colleges, bars, organizations, and even a house party or two. He has entertained audiences of all backgrounds, finding little need to shock or disgust crowds for effect. Mike Earley has become a prominent talent in the Twin Cities, most recently becoming an emcee of the legendary Acme Comedy Club in Minneapolis and winning The Joke Joint’s Funniest Person in Minnesota Contest. Along with this, he is a graduate of Inver Hills Community College and the University of Minnesota.