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He’s her brutha from another mutha. She’s his sistah from another mistah. Roxanne and Andrew. Born on December 7th at 4:20 am, 18 years apart, as identical nocturnal siamese twins.
These two immaculately sexy beings were reunited, for the first time, in 2014 on the Starship ABGB, where they traveled the galaxy, serving up delicious malted beverages and pizza in a relaxed atmosphere with a dog friendly patio.

Now, in 2017, just as the Elders predicted 69 million years ago, America’s Best Large Brewpub in the Universe for two consectutive years, is on a collision course with the peaceful planet of South Austin. ROXANDREW are high as Wookies and they’ve eaten all the Tribbles, having completely forgotten to steer the Starship ABGB aka The Millenium Fermenter. Nothing can stop it now. It is their density.

Upon crash landing into Oltorf and Lamar, if there are any survivors, there will be a ROXANDREW Birthday Celebration of Hippoposterous Proportions!
Featuring the outta this world sounds of
The Ugly Beats