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[This Space Party and wrestling show is free to attend and all-ages. 21+ to drink. Content may not be suitable for children]


The heavenly firmament, the cold and inky galactic vice!
The nebular starhome, the yawning void, the dome of trapped lights!
Grandpa’s night-ceiling, the big-time planet hole!

The Cosmos!

Forever it squeezes our tiny Earth – forever it taunts us with a hollow voice, a voice we are all born hearing. “Who dares venture into the forbidden darkness?” it says.

Finally, after millenia of silence, we answer: “Us!” We scream. “We dare!” No more will we surrender to the angst of being an Earth-bound people! We will finally claim our destiny as children of the stars! Hey, the Galaxy, do YOU dare take on humanity… IN THE RING?!


The Partyweight Belt has been stolen by a MYSTERIOUS SPACE QUEEN! We’ve gotta get it back, and the only way is to transform 4TH TAP BREWING CO-OP into a huge spacecraft. Once we’re up there, why not PARTY LIKE NEVER BEFORE?! What radiant anomalies will we behold? What mysterious creatures will we encounter? How will our wrestlers match up against alien beings? Who will be the COSMIC CHAMPION?!

Plot a course to 4th Tap Brewing Co-Op on December 9th!

This galactic battlefield will behold planet-destroying competition by all our favorite Party Athletes:

Theodosia {Parytweight Champion} vs. Galexia
Galexia – empress of voids, queen of all stars, eater of worlds, imminence of galaxies, mayor of Neptune! This mysterious and powerful being stole our belt physically with the aid of her army of CRAB ALIENS! Can Theodosia, the unfrozen woman from the past, defeat a being of such seeming omnipotence?! Help us, Theodosia, you’re our only hope!

The NARRC {BFF CHAMPS} vs. The Dumpster Babes
Get TRASHED! The filthy monsters from the garbage are taking their hunt for the BFF TITLES to the stars! The North American Railroad Commission continues their T’reign of TERROR! Who can withstand the locomotive ferocity??

Big Daddy Bolero vs. Luigi Primo
Two mustaches enter, one leaves! Behold their spirits, emblazoned on their faces: an Italian pizza chef and a Dallas tycoon! These two WARRIORS have both staked their mustache on winning this match. SHAVE INTO THE GRAVE! The hair particles will float away, unhindered by gravity…

Randy “The Eagle” Eagleman {NECROWEIGHT CHAMP} vs. Rodeotron Space Cowboy
Rodeotron – desgined to be the PERFECT COWBOY – has been outfitted with low-g gear for a Necroweight title match! And have Randy’s feathers have taken on a bloody shade? Will he continue to enact vengeance upon his enemies through the cruel power of the Necrobelt? This people’s champion has promised he will SOAR into the cosmos, above all temptation and evil!


PWR’s greatest and most time-honored tradition will take place, for the first time,fully outside of earth’s orbit! Unprecedented…
PWR’s mightiest competitors will stumble, crumble, and FUMBLE to toss eachother out of the ring. The last remaining entrant will henceforth have the UNDISPUTED HEART OF THE CHAMPION! 14 participants with timed entrances…who will they be?! Find out, soon…


The Intergalactic Express – The high-flying Space Lizard Super Wizard and Mind-numbingly strong Mr. Massive Goliath! This is their territory! Who will they battle?!

Dadbod – Member of Dads in Charge and brutal, oiled beast!

Alexandra Cage – Defender of the meek – fighting FOR THE KIDS!

Dino Rida – Sentai hero harnessing the POWER OF DINOSAURS!

Chubby Uncle Juan and Puggin’Head – PWR’s greatest PUPPET WRESTLER in history, and his Uncle, who is not a wrestler!

Sweetie Tuff – Capering and prancing out of the forest, and into the stars!

Skip Rathbone – PWR’s resident cybernetic game show host has his own, weird plans!

A CRAPLOAD of weird aliens – you’d better believe it!

Johnny Chains – He’s got a chain, I hear!

Plus: Want to print out a flyer in black and white? Zug Goodina got us covered with this INCREDIBLE monochrome scene of ALIEN PARTY VIOLENCE!